African Storyteller in Ghana at Mankessim Posuban near Cape Coast

A visit to the posuban in Mankessim, near Cape Coast in Ghana is almost guaranteed to garner you a full-blown storytelling session. Each sculpture on the posuban tells a tale and he will tell you all of them. When you visit, make time to hear the whole story (25-30 minutes). It’s worth it.

The Mankessim posuban is by far the best kept and the only one that garners a story. There are more posuban in the region and if you’re up for a scavenger hunt, you can see quite a few of them in a day. They’re easily accessible from Cape Coast, though you’ll want a knowledgeable driver to help you find the best ones.

Trust us, you’re going to want to read this about the posuban and things to do in Cape Coast.

The posuban in Ghana’s coastal area are very interesting and little known to most travelers. They’re traditional structures maintained by Asafo companies, which used to be the town militia, but now they work more as community organizations.

This Ghanaian storyteller was fun to listen to and we enjoyed his presentation very much. When I first visited in 2003, Mankessim was on a tiny dirt road and the storyteller had three teeth and wore a baseball cap (different guy). As you can tell from the video, the road is now fully paved and easy to access.

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Also, if you need a driver, which you sometimes will, get in touch with us and we’ll hook you up with an awesome guy.

Video Transcript

He is shooting at the vulture (indecipherable). It means, if you are doing something and someone comes from behind and then touch your shoulder, gives you more encouragement. ‘My friend, do it, do it, do it.’

If you’re ever to get problems, the one who gave that encouragement, you have you have been taken to the court, for the magistrate to question you. You are saying that in the front of the, you know, the magistrate guy will question you.

The one who gave that encouragement you will never see him. Even if you see him, he will never come and answer your question for you

You are going to answer your own questions.

But the one who commented and tells my friends stop, stop, stop. That person is your savior. So it’s a super message, that always listen to advice from the well-meaning people.

Always listen to advice from the well-meaning people.

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