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Cianjur – The Floating Village, the Fishicure and the Escape

by Team Hazard
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Outside the mountain city of Cianjur, Indonesia, partway between Jakarta and Yogyakarta, on the island of Java, there lies a floating fish farming village.

Tim and I love boat rides and this was a nice one. It was very peaceful as we almost had the floating village to ourselves. That was also a downside, though, as all of the fishermen were off to market selling their goods. So there weren’t any people around to talk to. But the floating village is fun to see and there is a bigger surprise.

One of the fish pens is filled with garra rufa fish, or a variation thereof. These are the fish that love to eat the dead skin off of your feet. Many fancy spas offer these fish-pedicures at crazy prices. Our version was a little more…natural, and didn’t cost any extra. Our feet did turn out wonderfully smooth. And check out the underwater shot we got of the fish at work.

The things is, Tim is the one who’s ticklish. I couldn’t wait to see his reaction to the fish nibbling on his toes. I was sure they were going to drive him crazy.

Well, turns out that I had a somewhat harder time handling the little fishies than he did. I might have done some giggling…or guffawing. Okay, so I end up laughing my head off.

Then, in dramatic Indonesian style, the sky darkens and the clouds move in. What starts out a drizzle becomes a downpour and suddenly it’s impossible not to get wet. As the boat races back to shore, Tim and I huddle under the awning, trying not to get drenched while guarding our electronics. The dash back through the waterways is fun, and executed quite well by an experienced captain.

What started out as a peaceful day of boating in Cianjur ended up silly and exciting and all-around fun.

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