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Flores, Indonesia – aka Paradise – Road Trip!

by Team Hazard
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Flores Island, Indonesia is the epitome of beautiful tropical living. Lush greenery, gorgeous mountain views on winding roads, huge stands of bamboo and traditional villages here and there around the island. There were rice paddies and we had fresh coconut by the roadside. More than once we saw kids walking to school and I wondered if they realized how lucky they were to be going to school in paradise. Of course, they probably would have preferred not having to walk so far to school.

We had a great driver and guide, Liberty and Apri, that made this trip around the island tons more fun. They had great music (the soundtrack to the video is what was playing in the car) and were always ready to have a good time. Tim and the guys goofed around, a lot. We all sang along with the tunes, when we knew the words and did a lot of fun things along the way.

While we were on Flores, we visited Bena Village, Todo Village and Liang Bua, the Hobbit Cave, and we have videos covering those portions of the trip (click on the links to watch). But there’s a lot that didn’t happen at these particular places. This video covers the coolest stuff that happened in-between. As with any road trip, the journey is at least as important as the destination.

I will mention that when you set up a Flores tour, you should bargain hard. While this island is beautiful, there are a lot of tour operators that are ready to take your money. Of the four islands we visited in Indonesia, this was the only one that made us feel like some people were ready to take advantage. This includes our Komodo Island tour out of Labuan Bajo as well. Flores is definitely worth visiting, but be smart and get a range of prices.  

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