We got very close to giraffes, giant eland and even a rhino during our safari at Reserve de Bandia in Senegal.

None of the giraffes were scared by our vehicle, they know they’re safe, but they didn’t always want to be bothered.

This safari was so worth it. Some of the best wildlife viewing we’ve ever had. I mean, Tim could actually see the animals. He was so excited.

Some of the animals you can see at Reserve de Bandia are “white rhinoceros, zebra, giraffe, buffalo, giant eland, cape eland, roan antelope, waterbuck, greater kudu, nyalas, impalas, damas gazelle, red fronted gazelle, warthogs, patas monkey, green vervet monkey, jackal, mongoose, crocodiles, giant tortoise, ostrich and more, as well as over 120 species of bird.”

The reserve is situated about 15km from Saly, and 18km from Mbour, an easy drive from either location. The average safari visit lasts 2 hours. If you don’t come with a big tour you might be able to team up with other independent travelers to reduce the costs of a safari truck.

Even if you use your own vehicle, you will be required to take a guide with you.

You can find more on their official site: http://www.reservedebandia.com/home.html

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