La Sagrada Familia is one of the must-see stops when you visit Barcelona. This peek into the interior should give you a sense of why you’ll definitely want to make time to see Gaudi’s masterpiece on your itinerary.

Actually, you should put as many of Gaudi’s buildings on your schedule as you can manage. Yes, they’re that interesting and that different.

The light is amazing, as is the incredible imaginativeness of the architecture. Nothing is rigid or ‘standard’. The video gives a clue, but to be there is truly awe-inspiring.

We saw two other Gaudi buildings while we were in Barcelona and loved them all.

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If you’re interested in a tour that includes the Gaudi sights, check this out:

Seeing Gaudi’s architecture was the main reason we stopped in Barcelona on our way to Morocco. I’m not usually a big architecture buff, but Gaudi is amazing. His designs are like sci-fi or fantasy stories woven into a building.

Gaudi was a true artist.

We were fortunate that the Gaudi sites all loaned wheelchairs for guests who needed them. This was right after we left Thailand while Tim was still recovering from his broken leg. He could walk, but not long distances.

However, we have to give a little warning about Sagrada Familia. While they had the wheelchairs to loan, at all of the Gaudi sites, they were the least helpful and the least friendly at Sagrada Familia. I still say you should go. The way Gaudi designed for the light is a wonderful thing to see, and no video can do it justice. But don’t expect particularly helpful staff if you need extra assistance. At least, that was our experience in 2018.

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