Live from a Boat on Lac Rose, the Pink Lake – Senegal Travel Diary #11

We got to Lac Rose, the Pink Lake, Lake Retba, at a good time, on a good day. The lake was very pink.

This is our live broadcast from the boat out in the middle of Lac Rose so you can see how it looks from there. The colors are unaltered. The whole video is live and unaltered.

If you’re wondering whether Lac Rose, the Pink Lake, is really pink, the answer is…sometimes. Take a look at it here.

The pink color of the lake is caused by an algae that thrives here. Lac Rose was especially pink on this day for 3 reasons. First, it’s the dry season, so there’s less water and more algae. Second it was sunny, making it easier to see. Third, it was windy. I’m not sure if that makes the algae more active, or what, but the guides said that contributes to the pinkness of the lake.

The lake is also very salty. We bought a bag of salt for tasting, and you definitely need to do some washing off after visiting. You won’t drown though. It’s as salty as the Dead Sea and you won’t ever sink if you fall in.

Whether conditions are perfect, or not, visiting Lac Rose is a nice little boat ride and a fun bit of exploration. We’ll have a video of the full experience soon and I’ll link to it here.

Video Transcript

  • Hey everyone!

We are live here on the Pink Lake.

Lac Rose or Lake Retba in Senegal.

(wind noise drowns out voices)

Yeah, and it has actually–

Okay, so we broke off
connection there for a…

(wind noise)

So, I am going to flip

and try and show you
this whole experience.

We came from over there.

We have this nice gentleman
pushing us around here.

It’s nine meters deep I think, he said.

Or was it nine feet?

It’s not super deep.

Three meters deep.

Three meters deep, nine feet by my figure.


I hope everyone’s hearing us okay.

And cause I don’t have a
mike in this situation.

Tim, do you wanna say something?

  • [Tim] You should come too.

(wind noise drowns out Tim’s voice)

  • [Trina] It’s pink enough
    for Tim to see that it’s pink,

which is saying something.

  • [Tim] I’m havin’ a real bad eye day.
  • [Trina] He’s having a bad eye day

and he can still tell it’s pink.

But it’s from algae.

It’s a harmless algae,
but it is also very salty.

So they actually collect salt.

We bought some to try on our food

and they actually collect salt out here.

24,000 tons a year, that they export.


So it’s an industry on both ways

both for tourists and for salt selling.

But as I say, I am amazed
at how truly pink it is.

And in a minute after I stop this live

I’m gonna try putting our
water camera underwater

and see what kind of footage we get.

And we’re gonna do a
full video on this place.

We’ll do it all in detail as always.

But these lives get you
here a little quicker

than it takes for me to edit things.

And see we have the lake over there.

I think it’s over five kilometers long.

And as I say, it is really quite pink.

This is also the dry season.

In the wet season it’s not very pink.

And in the morning when it’s not so sunny,

it’s not very pink.

There’s a marker over there.

  • [Tim] The reflection on
    the pink is actually blue.
  • [Trina] “The reflection on the pink

is actually blue,” is what Tim
said, if you didn’t hear him.

  • [Tim] Yeah, if you got on shades,

you can see the blue.

  • [Trina] Ah, Tim’s got
    polarized sunglasses.

So it’s really showing the pink.

So, I’m gonna flip back Tim.

  • Okay.
  • And there we go.

We’re gonna be our charming selves.

And say, thanks for joining us.

And there will be a small
video on this, like coming out

sometime soon, in the next few weeks.

(wind noise drowns out voices)

But listen it’s all sorts of fun.

I definitely recommend a trip Lac Rose

when you come to Senegal.

It’s a little ways outside of Dakar.

So it’s really easy to do, no problem.

And Tim’s agreeing with
me if you can’t hear

Yes, sorry.

And getting a little splash
and we’re gonna do it all.

And as I say, we’ll have more

for you on the big, long video,

but we wanted to give you a little sample

of what it looks like now.

We will see you next time.


  • Byeee
  • Okay.

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