Looking Sharp! Barbershop Visit in Dakar, Senegal – African Haircut

See what happens when Tim goes to the barbershop in Dakar, Senegal. He was looking pretty shaggy, so it was definitely time for a shave and a haircut – West African style.

We didn’t even tell the barber what to do. Tim just sat down and we let the expert do his thing.

This barbershop with the blue LED lighting is in the charming, and very local, Fann Hock neighborhood of Dakar. In this video you’ll get a feel for the neighborhood as well as a look at the fine haircutting process.

Let’s just say that if we can hear goats from our hotel room, we’re probably in the right place.

We loved this neighborhood in Dakar for it’s character, great food and superb street coffee. The Nescafe thing they do is good, but Touba coffee is awesome. Try it if you get the chance. Local neighborhoods are our favorite, so of course Tim would get his hair cut here.

When traveling, especially, go local whenever you can. The experience will be worth it. Seriously, half the fun of travel is discovery. If you’re in a neighborhood full of tourists, expats and western-style restaurants and businesses it might feel convenient, but you’ll miss out on the fun of the challenge.

One of the things I love about traveling full time is pathfinding. It happens every time we move on to a new area and I have to scope out where to get water, and toilet paper and the good places to eat where Tim won’t get blown away with too much spice. Oh, and finding the best coffee in a neighborhood, or where to get a good haircut, are wonderful little victories to help keep you energized when travel sometimes gets difficult.

These might not be huge goals, but in a foreign country, especially when you don’t speak the language, they’re fun achievements.

We plan to do more haircut videos with Tim as we travel across West Africa to see what kind of haircuts he gets with different barbers in different regions. Some will be music videos like this, but some will be more chatty. It depends on the barber and the situation.

Keep an eye out for our further adventures in West Africa, including haircuts among tons of other exciting things.

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