Places to Stay in Ghana – My Personal Picks

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Okay, let’s get this straight. There are a few things you need to know about these recommendations.

First, I’m only recommending places I’ve stayed. I know that makes for a short list, but I’d rather do that than send you somewhere that I can’t vouch for.

Second, all of these places are what I call comfort-budget. My philosophy behind comfort-budget travel is that I travel as cheaply as possible while still being comfortable. If you prefer fancier digs, those are easy to find on the booking apps.

Third, some of these hotels aren’t on any booking apps and you’ll have to contact them once you get into Ghana. Don’t worry, I’ll give you their info.

Lastly, when I toured Ghana this time, in 2024, either using apps or negotiation, all of these hotels fell in the $18-22 USD range, per night. You may end up with slightly different results depending on many factors. Don’t be afraid to negotiate.

So let’s get started.

*On some of the links provided I might make a commission if you purchase something by clicking through my link. This creates no additional cost for you.

Hotels in Accra

For both of these hotels, if you find yourself needing to get lunch or dinner while at the hotel, you can use the Glovo app for food delivery.

Nana’s Holiday Let

Neighborhood: Adenta SDA

I’ve stayed here a couple of times and what can I say? This hotel just feels comfortable to me, like home. The rooms are roomy, it’s very clean and the staff are helpful. They also have a nice outdoor sitting area.

It’s close to things like Madina Market and Legon Botanical Gardens, and it’s really easy to get to Aburi Botanical Gardens from here. These are all in my 5 Hidden Gems in Accra video, have a look. Overall, Nana’s Holiday Let is a good value.

The downside is that it’s a bit out of center for Accra. With traffic as bad as it is, some things, on some days, will take longer than you expect if they’re in the center of town. Start early, but not so early that you hit morning rush hour.

The only other downside is that they don’t give toppings for your toast in the morning (many places in this price range don’t). I recommend heading over to Madina Market and getting a small bottle of local honey. It’s pure and delicious and the market is an awesome experience. Take time to chat with people.

Feehi’s Place

Danquah Circle, Osu

Feehi’s location is fantastic, just a 2-minute walk to the famous Oxford Street which has everything a tourist or expat could want. There’s also a local street market across the road, in case you want to shop and dine on more of a budget.

The rooms are a little artsy, quirky, but comfortable. There’s a significant split between the rooms upstairs rooms with a balcony (which is awesome) and the more budget-friendly options. The balcony rooms hit a little above comfort-budget pricing, but are still in a reasonable range and the location makes it worth it. The budget rooms are simple, clean and practical and you still get the great location.

They used to serve breakfast, but don’t seem to anymore (according to their listing), but you have access to a refrigerator and full kitchen to set yourself up. The dining room is a fairly social place where you can chat with other guests easily. Feehi’s just attracts that kind of crowd.

Being in Osu, the extra you might spend on the room will be saved by lower taxi costs.

Just a note, I stayed here in 2019, but not 2024.

Hotel in Cape Coast

Arafynn Hotel

Near the STC Station and KFC

Call: +233 050 382 2412 (or ask Junior to set you up)

My driver, friend, tour guide, Junior, found this place for me in Cape Coast. The room is very comfortable with a big bed and its own sitting area, and the grounds are beautiful.

The hotel also has its own restaurant that’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, though it’s best to communicate with the kitchen staff your dining plans for the day. They’re also happy to accommodate your preferred spice level and other tastes, just have a chat. They’re awesome.

It’s a little off the main road with a short dirt track leading right up to the hotel. It’s not anything that drivers will have any trouble with. Nothing in Cape Coast (center) is more than 10-15 minutes away, so the slightly off-center location is no problem.

By the way, while you’re in Cape Coast, you’ll want to call Junior when you need a driver for places like Kakum National Park, Elmina, and to visit Posuban shrines (read this). Junior knows Cape Coast, and southern Ghana in general, amazingly well and can find anything you want or need. You can contact him on WhatsApp, or just call, at: +233 024 473 6171

Hotel in Tamale

Picorna Hotel

Call: +233 037 202 2672

Hands down, I have to recommend Picorna Hotel when you’re in Tamale. The rooms are comfy, breakfast is fantastic, oh that bread, and the location is perfect. The restaurant serves food and drinks all day, and into the night, and their food is excellent all around. If you order fufu, it takes some time, but ask if you can watch wile they pound it – they only make it the traditional way.

Picorna Hotel is just a 10-minute walk, or 2-minute yellow-yellow ride, to the center of town where everything happens. There’s also a lively market right next to the hotel and the whole street is quite interesting. You could easily go in any direction and have an interesting and entertaining walk every day of your stay.

Oh, and the staff is consistently awesome.

Check out this video to learn more about all the fun stuff to do in Tamale.

While you’re in Tamale you’ll want to contact my most wonderful guide, and good friend, Abdullah – here’s his website. He’ll get you to all of the cool places around Tamale that are, and aren’t, in center and get you a tour of the Chief’s Palace if you want.

Hotel in Takoradi

BoyBoison Elite Hotel

Call: +233 024 232 7466

If you find yourself in Takoradi and need a cool place to stay, check out BoyBoison Elite Hotel.

I’ll admit, it’s a sort of middle-of-everything hotel. It’s not in center, but it’s not too far out. It’s not the best breakfast, but not the worst. It’s got some local stuff immediately around it, but not a lot.

However, the rooms are comfortable and the staff is nice. And all that middle-of-the-road stuff is what I think kept it at a reasonable price. I’ll admit, I was there for Tadi Fest and finding a good and affordable room took a few tries. BoyBoison Elite Hotel turned out to be a good option. It’s on a main road and definitely worth checking out.

Happy Travels!!

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