Today we went to Joal-Fadiouth, the Seashell Island and cemetery in Senegal. The Island is made entirely of seashells.

No, it’s not just covered in them. Fadeout is truly made of seashells. Clam shells to be exact.

More than 800 years ago, the claim harvesters started collecting all of the shells and over time built these 2 islands.

The main island holds 5000 residents. The other is home to their cemetery where Christians and Muslims rest side by side.

In fact, the religious make-up of Fadiouth is exactly opposite the rest of Senegal which is 90% Muslim. Fadeout is 90% Christian, mostly Catholic.

They all take pride in their shared religious tolerance and a total lack of conflict with these groups living side-by-side. They even share each others holidays.

That’s one reason the cemetery is a point of pride.

And yes, the bodies are simply buried under shells. Christians in coffins, Muslims in shrouds, all beneath layers of seashells.

Definitely put Joal-Fadiouth on your itinerary when you come to Senegal. You won’t regret it.

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