Temple Monkey Comes Close at Lady Buddha – Da Nang, Vietnam

After the grumpy temple monkey chased me, (see previous monkey video), this monkey calmly walked over – so close I could have touched him, and set himself up to get a drink at the fountain at the Lady Buddha, Linh Ung Pagoda near Da Nang, Vietnam.

When he came close I wasn’t too concerned, but I opted to stand very still so as not to startle him. Turns out, I was the least of his concerns. Throughout getting his drink, this monkey is looking over his shoulder, probably expecting a monk, or one of the groundskeepers, to chase him off.

This monkey video is somewhat calmer than the last one, but you should go watch that one, too, if you haven’t seen it.

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There are tales throughout Southeast Asia of mischievous monkeys, especially at temples where they’re well protected and they have no worries about being harmed.

In some places they downright harass unsuspecting tourists, causing them to drop whatever package or bag they might have. The temple monkeys then snatch the bag to find out if they’ve scored a snack. They’ll go after backpacks, water bottles, or anything they can get their hands on.

Pro Traveler Tip: Always travel light when there may be monkeys around and don’t leave anything where they might grab it.

There’s also the Buddhist tradition of placing offerings, like fruit and snacks, in front of various Buddha statues. The monkeys know this, and they know what time the monks put the offerings out. I was at Lady Buddha at one of these times. Most of these monkeys were well behaved.

We have two other, bigger monkey stories…well, one monkey, and one ape, and both of those center on Tim.

Further Monkey and Ape Adventures

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Happy Travels!

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