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Todo Village – Indonesia – video

by Team Hazard
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Todo Village, on the island of Flores, Indonesia. It’s one of the few opportunities to see the traditional ceremonial houses of the Manggarai region; in the past, Todo was also the center of the Manggaraian kingdom and the home of the royal clan. This was the most commercial and most expensive village we visited on Flores and the few villagers present weren’t interested in interacting. The guy in charge was great about taking pictures for us. In fact, the whole visit felt like one big photo op. He was also very interested in selling us their woven goods. Mind you, we never saw anyone actually weaving. While we got some nice pictures, we can’t recommend going out of your way for this stop.

While we were on Flores, we also visited Bena Village and Liang Bua, the Hobbit Cave, and we have videos covering those portions of the trip (click on the links to watch). But there’s a lot that didn’t happen at these particular places. This video covers the coolest stuff that happened in-between. As with any road trip, the journey is at least as important as the destination.

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