Travel by Tour or Plan the Trip Yourself? 1-Minute Travel Tips #8

Do you prefer to travel by tour, or plan the trip yourself? Sometimes the question of tour, or no tour can totally change the mood and challenge of planning your travels.

Whether you take a tour when you travel or find your own path independently is a big decision when planning a trip. In this video I share the advice you need to decide whether to take a tour or not when you travel.

Even if you’re an independent traveler and do your own planning, there will be some destinations where a guide or a city tour is a good idea. There will also be some places where it’s absolutely necessary.

With Tim’s near-blindness and other issues, we generally can’t keep up with tours. We’ve often had to just hire a private guide and/or driver. The key is to get someone you can really communicate with. If you have reasons why a tour just doesn’t work for you, you might consider a private guide and a customized itinerary, at least for part of your trip. This isn’t always as expensive as you may think.

So what’s your pleasure? Tour, or no tour?

Happy Travels!

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Video Transcript

So you want to take this awesome trip but you’re not sure whether to book a tour or go it on your own.

Normally I am not a tour person, I plan it on my own. I love travel planning. I like finding little nooks and crannies to go see that a tour would never find.

But if you don’t enjoy travel planning, book a tour. Do it the easy way let someone else stress about all those details.

Don’t let the decision between tour, or no tour, stop you from going somewhere.

Don’t think, ‘Well I should do it one way, or I should do it the other’.

If you want to travel, go.

There are all sorts of tours at all sorts of levels. You can have the full luxury tour where you don’t have to think about a thing, or there are even backpacker style tours.

Choose a tour for whatever level of travel you are comfortable at.

The important thing is that you go. Go on that trip. Go see the new place. See something new. No excuses. Go!

See you next time.

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