African Dancers and Drummers at the Cultural Center in Tamale, Ghana

One of the most wonderful things about Ghana is that there’s always music and dance sitting just below the surface of daily life. Either can break out at any time.

At the Cultural Center in Tamale, in Northern Ghana, they rehearse most weekday afternoons and it’s free to come and watch. The dance skit here shows the great chemistry between these dancers that they’ve obviously developed over many rehearsals. They look like they’re having a lot of fun.

It’s great to watch, and they have a huge variety of performances. We never saw the same performance twice They were always practicing and inventing and perfecting their craft.

If we end up living there, and we might, we want to hold an event just so this group can come perform.

While the cultural center does keep traditional dance alive, they are by no means limited only to the traditional. These Ghanaians freely mix traditional and contemporary dance, drums and music to create meaningful and entertaining events.

Tamale is a city most people pass through quickly, on their way to Mole National Park, or points further north. However, Tamale itself is a great small city, definitely worth a few days stop – just make sure to drop in on the Cultural Center to see what’s happening. There are some great shops where you can buy directly from artisans here as well.

As you might be able to tell in the video, Ghana is a place where people excel at having fun, and they laugh a lot. One of our favorite places. It’s definitely a country that should be on everyone’s bucket list for world travel. Definitely.

Plan your trip to Ghana now. You won’t regret it.

Watch this short video for some extremely traditional dance from Ghana.

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What is the Tahma Cultural Troupe and where and when do they perform?

The Tahma Cultural Troupe is a group of dancers and drummers from Tamale, Ghana who perform traditional dances and drumming at the National Cultural Center in Tamale. You can often drop in to see their rehearsals on most weekday afternoons around 4-5pm. They are known for their dynamic and energetic performances, which showcase both the rich cultural heritage of the region and their own creativity.

What kind of dances and drumming do the Tahma Cultural Troupe perform?

The Tahma Cultural Troupe performs a variety of traditional dances and drumming from the Northern Region of Ghana, such as Dagomba, Gonja, and Nanumba dances. These dances typically involve intricate footwork, acrobatic movements, and energetic drumming. They also blend the traditional dances with more modern choreography creating new dances of their own design.

What is the significance of the Tahma Cultural Troupe’s performances?

The performances by the Tahma Cultural Troupe are important for preserving and promoting the traditional culture of the Northern region of Ghana. The dances and drumming styles are an important part of the region’s cultural heritage and help to keep the traditions alive. The performances also provide a way for visitors to experience and learn about the culture of the region.

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