Essaouira, Morocco is a wonderful coastal town with a medina and fortress on the ocean, beaches where you can ride camels and atv’s – and a very active fishing port.

If you’ve never walked around a fishing port when they bring in the day’s catch, it’s quite an experience. Deals are being made, nets are being stretched out, boats, unloaded and the seagulls are looking for a feast.

At the time of this recording, Tim’s leg is still broken. We managed to get him into the harbor area with the wheelchair, but for the video, I’m walking around and narrating solo. Tim makes an appearance near the end in front of the mural of a fish monger.

This Live Stream is completely unplanned and unedited. We like to bring you interesting things as we come upon them so you can see what a place is really like. No filters, no pretty polish on everything. You get to see the same thing we do.

Hope you enjoy our walk through Essaouira Harbor in Morocco.

*On some of the links provided we might make a commission if you purchase something by clicking through our link. This creates no additional cost for you.


Team Hazard

Old, fat and disabled and traveling the world anyway. Join Trina and Tim as they wander around the planet bringing you honest stories about the people and places they encounter.

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