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The Hajime Robot Restaurant in Bangkok

by Team Hazard
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The Hajime Robot Restaurant in Bangkok is in an out-of-the-way industrial neighborhood, but we were determined to check it out. We ordered a Grab Cab, one of the best ways to get around the parts of Bangkok that aren’t well served by public transit, and we were on our way.

Once the driver found the address, it took a few minutes to figure out that the Robot Restaurant is on the 3rd floor. There was one other group there, but they were finishing up. It was dinnertime in the middle of the week and the place was slow. This made for disappointment when we realized that they didn’t give us the best seats for the Robot Show. Maybe it’s because we weren’t buying from their expensive menu, but come on, the place was empty.

Anyway, the robot did its show to the music which was fun and upbeat. We were surprised that the mechanism was as loud as it was, but the robot did dance well. The show favored the inside portion of the restaurant, immediately opposite where the other robot was set up and would have been performing if there had been more people.

After the show, the robot brought our appetizers. We took our plates off the tray. This caused a problem later as the tray was supposed to be removed. The staff wasn’t paying attention, so when it came time for the robot to deliver our meals, it got confused and couldn’t place them correctly. The staff corrected it then, but it sort of ruined the effect of being served dinner by a robot.

The Robot ran through its dance routine ran one more time, even though it was supposed to run more regularly. We actually asked that they run it again, and after having a recording problem, we asked for one more run-through where I got this recording. Honestly, the manager was not entirely pleased, but considering we were the only people there, it really wasn’t that much to ask. In fact, overall, the service could have been better, but the food was pretty good and it was an entertaining evening.

Despite a few issues, the Hajime Robot Restaurant is worth a visit. The show is fun and hopefully you’ll go when there are more people there and there’s a more festive atmosphere.

Make the time, remove your trays and let a Robot serve you dinner and give you a show. It’ll be a fun meal.

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