To the delight of everyone, the Moulaye Lion Dancers of the Wow Wow Collective Dendongo in Senegal appeared on the final night of Festival Rythmes et Formes du Monde at the Sobo Bade Art Hotel in Toubab Dialaw.

This group has some amazing dancers with incredible costumes to match.

The Moulaye Lion Dancers of Senegal are a dance group who perform throughout the country and abroad. They were founded in 1976 and consist of 26 young men and women.

Lion dancers in Senegal belong to a caste who claim to be descendants of an ancient royal line, though this is disputed by scholars. The tradition is believed to have its origin in the court of the Wolof king Seku Amadou (1695-1758) who was converted to Islam by 18th century Sufi teachers.

The Moulaye (or Muraye) lion dance is a ritual and sacred tradition of the Serer people in Senegal, and other parts of West Africa. The Moulaye lions, also known as “Simb”, are believed to be sacred animals that can bring prosperity to the communities where they live. Young men who have been selected to become lions must undergo rigorous training before they get ready for their first performance.

When you come to Senegal you should catch a performing arts festival like Festival Rythmes et Formes du Monde if you can. The skill, talent and passion are over the top.

It’s been an awesome week. More to come.

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