We’ve ended up riding out the pandemic in Da Nang, Vietnam and coffee is wildly popular here. On the block where our apartment sits, there are 14 coffee bars – and you’re going to be able to see all of them in 20 seconds.

In actuality, they’re all within a 5-minute walk of each other.

Go all the way to the main road, and you’ll add another 10 coffee bars. Coffee is REALLY popular here. This is not an uncommon area where all the coffee bars are concentrated. In Da Nang I don’t think you’re ever more than half a block from a coffee bar at any given time. The same can be said for noodle shops.

It might be the gray, rainy winters that have spawned the love of coffee. Last year the winter was fine, but this year (2020/21) we’ve had little sunshine. With all the gray, coffee can certainly save the day.

I’m checking each one of them, just to be thorough. So far, they’ve all been good. Though some are better than others. And one with the least impressive presentation currently stands at having the second best coffee.

In June 2021, Vietnam is in its third Covid lockdown, though we’re only at mid-level lockdown here in Da Nang. Three of the coffee bars on this block have chosen to remain open for take-away service, and I am glad. Unfortunately my favorite coffee bar isn’t one of them, at least we’ve got three to choose from.

When you come to Vietnam, it will serve you well to learn how to order your coffee the way you like it. Mine is Cà phê đen rất ngọt – Black coffee very sweet. If you have no difficulty with milk, there are tons of variations and coffee inventions for you to try.

I would recommend that if you like coffee, try every variation, even if it seems a bit strange. You might find something you unexpectedly love. Oh, and don’t miss the coconut coffee. Even if you think you don’t like coconut, I’ll bet you like this.

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