Hajime Dancing Robot Restaurant – Bangkok, Thailand

The Hajime Dancing Robot Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand is fun, and a little hard to find. The robot works as both a waiter and performer, dancing every 40 minutes, or so, and showing off its talents.

As you can see, the robots are pretty good dancers.

It’s a fun night and if you feel the need for more robot dancing, you can ask them to run the show an extra time. The robots have several dance routines.

Go here to see the full length video with the original music.

One of the most distracting things is the noise of the robots as they move along their track. We were surprised that it was such a noisy mechanism. Of course, the music is loud enough to cover it, mostly, but it’s a curious set-up.

We were there in the middle of the week and it was mostly empty. I think this might be due to its location. I hope it does better business at lunch and on weekends. It would be really fun with a big crowd laughing and cheering.

There are actually 2 robots, the other being on an identical track set-up across the room. It has a slightly different costume. I wonder if they have the robots do a dance-off when there are enough people there? That would be awesome.

Pro Traveler Tips for Hajime Robot Restaurant in Bangkok:

1) In 2018 it was located in an industrial park toward the outer edge of Bangkok. If it’s still there, make sure you keep your map app ready and marked, even if you’re using a Grab driver. It’s next to a car dealership on the 3rd floor and not easy to spot.

2) Make sure to remove your trays from the delivery port, or the robot will not be able to deliver the next round of food.

Since Tim and I are just a couple of big kids, I think we can safely say it’d be good for the little ones, too.

In fact, I’m sure it’s probably best as a family night out, a real restaurant that both kids and parents can enjoy. The kids get a show and the parents gets a quality meal and a way to entertain the kids while they eat. Sounds like a win-win.

Happy Travels!

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