How Much Underwear Should You Pack? – 1-Minute Travel Tips #1

You’re packing your bag and the debate is raging in your head, “How much underwear should I pack?” In this video I answer the great underwear question definitively and give you a special carry-on tip.

This video will tell you how much underwear you should pack for any length of trip.

I mean it. You won’t believe how useful this amazing packing information is. It is a truly wonderful delight and a great mental weight off your mind to know the answer to this question. You whole life will be better once you have this answer. 😉

No matter how long your trip is, a week, two weeks, a month, six months, it’s easy to know how much underwear to pack. Watch for my secret formula (wink wink).

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Happy Travels!

Video Transcript

Today I am answering the vital question – how much underwear should you bring on a trip?

The answer is actually really simple.

I once saw someone say super minimalist bring two pair, and you never need more because you wash one one night and then you wear the other one that day. That is crazy. Underwear is not a place to skimp. It doesn’t take up that much space.

There are going to be days you come home from an activity sweaty and you want to change out, you might have a super long flight and want to change at the airport. I do always recommend carrying some underwear in your carry-on.

But the answer to how much underwear should you pack, and I don’t care if your trip is a week, two weeks or two months, about seven to ten pair. Because if you’re anywhere for more than a week you’re probably gonna have to do laundry, and you need to allow a couple of days because not every laundry is very next day.

The answer to the vital question of how much underwear you should pack – is seven to ten pair. Answering only the most vital travel questions.

See you next time.

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