This travel tip is about one of the things that’s easy to forget when you’re traveling, but you’ll be so happy when you have it. It’s a great, and cheap, traveling companion.

It’s so affordable and practical that I’m going to advise you to carry two so you can help a fellow traveler out – because you know someone’s going to forget theirs.

Ultimately this may seem like an obvious tip, but if I can help one person think, ‘Oh yeah, I need to bring one of those,’ before they set out for their trip, then this video will have been worth it. Those of you who travel regularly will get it, and those who are new to travel will appreciate it later.

In fact, I won’t be surprised if this video makes some of you laugh. I mean, it’s so simple, and yet so true. You really don’t want to be the person caught without this item because not having it will add stress to your trip and there’s no guarantee that anyone else will be able to help you out.

That’s also why you want to carry more than one, so you can be that mini-hero who makes someone’s travels easier. It never hurts to be the person that starts a chain of good actions, because that person may take that item and pass it on to the next person who needs it. It could have a long life of usefulness before the chain breaks.

So watch, and don’t forget this next time you’re traveling.

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Happy Travels!

Video Transcript

This is a MAJOR tip, and it may just help out other people, too.

When you’re traveling from one place to another, especially if you’re transiting a border, make sure you have a pen with you. Make sure you have a pen in your pocket.

If you want to be really nice, have a second one to give away if someone else needs it. Because, inevitably, you get somewhere and they’re going to make you fill out this form, or that form, or 10 forms, and someone’s not going to have a pen.

And they never leave enough pens out for everybody, at any office I have ever seen. So when you’re transiting, and especially if you’re crossing a border, make sure you have a pen at your fingertips so that you can fill out the paperwork without having to scramble for finding one.

See you next time.

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