When you live or travel in a hot climate, especially a tropical climate, this simple item can make your day a lot fresher and help you beat the heat. It’s also very easy item to forget – as you’ll see in the video.

I made the mistake of forgetting mine on this very hot day wandering around Da Nang, Vietnam. I was out shooting videos and when I needed it, I came up short. That’s why I made a video, so hopefully you’ll remember my mistake and not make the same mistake yourself.

It doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive to be a good travel accessory. Though choosing one you like, one that shows off your style, or maybe a destination you’ve been to is certainly a fine option. A good travel accessory is one that makes your travels easier, or more comfortable, without a lot of fuss. Sometimes simple is best.

In fact, this item can be used as a coaster, a cleaner, an ice pack, a germ deterrent or a potholder. If you use it right, it can even help rescue a small animal or defeat the Bugblatter Beast of Trall.

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Video Transcript

This is an entirely unplanned travel tip.

While I’ve been out filming travel tips for you, I realized that I forgot one travel tip.

That is simply, if you’re traveling in a hot climate and you’re going to be out and about, bring a kerchief with you. A handkerchief, a bandana, whatever you want to call it, bring a kerchief with you.

Because like I forgot today and so I’m mopping my brow, you know my hair’s gotten stringy, and I’m mopping my brow with just this little napkin as I stop for a drink here in this coffee bar.

Remember a kerchief. Don’t write it off as something, you know, grandpa used to carry and make bad boogie jokes with. When you’re in a hot climate bring something to keep you fresh, and you’ll find it has a lot of other uses as well.

Okay, that’s your spontaneous travel tip.

I’ll see you next time.

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