Geckos and frogs and dragonflies in and around your hotel room – oh my! What good fortune to have these natural pest control agents working for you when you travel or are on vacation. You’ll get fewer mosquito bites and have fewer bug annoyances with these helpful critters around.

I know some people are squeamish about these critters, but they really are helpful. Even Tim didn’t like dragonflies. But once he learned that they eat mosquitos he developed a much better attitude about them.

And the nice things is, these critters really aren’t looking to interact with you. They’ll be happy to leave you alone while they hunt and dine on the mosquitos in your environment. Personally, I talk to them, try to let them know that I’m not a threat. Yes, seriously.

Okay, yeah, so I was also the kid that plated with lizards and frogs whenever I got the chance. As a traveler, I really appreciate their presence.

In some places, fewer mosquito bites also means less chance of getting malaria or dengue fever. You gotta like that.

When we went to Benin in West Africa, there were lizards all over the place. We have very few mosquito issues. Seriously. They will only improve your environment.

Next time you see a lizard in your room, don’t call housekeeping, just say ‘Hi,’ and let it get to eating bugs.

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Happy Travels!

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Video Transcript

I have to say, I love it when we have geckos, or other lizards, in or around our room.

You might think, ‘oh my gosh, we’ve got pests in the room in the hotel and we want to get rid of this‘.

No, that’s not the answer. They are natural pest control, so are frogs and dragonflies.

They will keep the mosquitoes at bay and keep them to a minimum. That’s why you want to co-exist happily with these natural bug control friends and let them stay in your room. Let them know you’re not a threat to them so that you can have fewer bugs during your stay.

See you next time.

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