I love planning our trips, and this is one of the major tips that has made our travels so interesting and successful. Once you master this, you’ll always be able to come up with an awesome itinerary.

Not everyone loves trip planning, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be good at it. A little forward thinking and you’ll be able to come up with a travel plan that makes everyone happy. It does take a little research and thought, but it’s something everyone can do.

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Video Transcript

One key to awesome trip planning is to be sure to mix and match different activities and locations.

If you’re going to five waterfalls in a week, that might be just a little bit much. And in a place like Southeast Asia, it’s real easy to get templed-out. You go here and see a temple, go there and see a temple. Next thing you know, you’ve seen a bazillion temples.

Also keep your fellow travelers’ tolerance levels in mind. I know I have a lot higher tolerance for temples than Tim does, but I always did try and keep it varied. You know, one might be Taoist one might be Buddhist, one’s in a cave, one is really modern with funky cartoony figures. So I always tried to keep it something different, even within the temples that we were seeing.

Even if you have a single focus to your trip, make sure you sprinkle a few other things in-between, whether that’s a hike to a waterfall, a boat tour, a night markets, music and dance performances. Whatever activities the place you’re visiting has to offer, make sure you explore them all.

See you next time.

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