Best Souvenir When You Travel – 1-Minute Travel Tips #7

After much travel, lots of trips, many countries and buying too many souvenirs, I’ve come up with the BEST souvenir you can get while traveling. There’s a secret to the purchase, too, so don’t think that once you hear the answer that’s all there is to it. Do it right and you’ll have a travel souvenir that you’ll love for years to come.

Can you guess what it is? (It’ll be obvious once you watch.)

But you definitely have to do it right. You want to get something wonderful that you’ll use regularly, not a useless dust collector that ends up in a box in the garage.

After the video, let me know if you agree. would you get this next time you travel? OR What’s your favorite item to pick up as a souvenir? Are you a big souvenir shopper, or do you limit yourself to one or two items, or any at all when you travel?

Tell me what you think.

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Video Transcript

One of the best souvenirs you can buy while traveling, if a place has excellent awesome stylish textiles, is have custom clothing made.

I guarantee you, if a place has great textiles, they have tailors waiting to make something for you.

The trick is to buy something that you’ll actually wear. Don’t buy some traditional costume that looks cute and is historic for the place. You’re never gonna wear it. It’s gonna sit in your closet and collect dust.

Buy something that’s a normal garment for you.

I have three shirts from Ghana, and a number of pairs of shorts. I will be buying a few shirts here in Vietnam. They are just wonderful and you use them all the time.

So when people compliment you on your wonderful new wardrobe then you can also tell them some awesome travel story about where you’ve been.

Seriously, if you see a fabric you like, buy it, get in touch with the tailor, and give them just a few days and they will make you something that will really spice up your wardrobe – and your travel stories.

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