Shopping in local markets when you travel can be incredibly fun and we highly recommend it. Here are a few tips for finding the best places to shop and how to handle yourself once you’re at the market in any country.

Saving money is another benefit of shopping in local markets when you travel. I cover the essentials of being well prepared for your shopping trip so you get fair prices and have a good time.

Shopping local while traveling really is a bigger topic than 1-minute, so if you’d like to see a longer video on the subject, let me know in the comments.

A few tips I couldn’t fit in for your big shopping day I’ll give you here:
– Wear very comfortable shoes
– Take time to eat, drink and rest while you’re shopping
– Go with an idea, or two, of what you’re shopping for, though leave room to completely change your mind. Having a goal will lead you to more interesting places than just skimming the surface of the market.

Don’t worry about not knowing the language wherever you are abroad. Transactions, and even negotiations, are some of the easiest non-language conversations to have.

Definitely try to get out of the malls and into the local neighborhood for your shopping experiences when you travel. You’ll have a lot of fun and learn a lot about the culture you’re visiting.

Happy Travels!

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Video Transcript

A lot of times when you’re traveling, if you ask the hotel staff where to get something they will be quick to send you to the mall. That’s okay, but not only will you not get anything terribly interesting, you will also end up paying more because malls are just more expensive.

So what you want to do is ask the hotel staff where they shop, where they would get it, and if it’s reasonable go there yourself.

There is nothing better than learning about a place by going where the locals go and shopping where the locals shop.

To a certain degree there’s always a little concern about getting a tourist price that’s really jacked up and so you do want to go into the situation sort of knowing what the cost of the item you’re getting should be. Ask the hotel staff that one too, about what they would pay for it.

Don’t be a jerk about getting the exact price that locals get, but don’t hesitate to negotiate if it’s appropriate.

See you next time.

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