We got to Lac Rose, the Pink Lake, Lake Retba, at a good time, on a good day. The lake was very pink.

I have not altered the video at all. This is the way it really looked. I have some shots from the boat where it appears even pinker. It’s not cotton candy pink, but it’s definitely pink.

If you’re wondering whether Lac Rose, the Pink Lake, is really pink, the answer is…sometimes. Take a look at it here.

The pink color of the lake is caused by an algae that thrives here. Lac Rose was especially pink on this day for 3 reasons. First, it’s the dry season, so there’s less water and more algae. Second it was sunny, making it easier to see. Third, it was windy. I’m not sure if that makes the algae more active, or what, but the guides said that contributes to the pinkness of the lake.

The lake is also very salty. We bought a bag of salt for tasting, and you definitely need to do some washing off after visiting. You won’t drown though. It’s as salty as the dead sea and you won’t ever sink if you fall in.

Whether conditions are perfect, or not, visiting Lac Rose is a nice little boat ride and a fun bit of exploration. We’ll have a video of the full experience soon and I’ll link to it here.

Note: Two days later I walked back to the lake for a look, and it was hardly pink at all. Yes, we were very lucky that day.

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