This video shows a fight between two large Komodo Dragons. The back and forth is a little slow, but it is powerful. When one Komodo Dragon takes a tail smash to the jaw from its rival you can hear the smack, and the resulting howl of pain.

That had to hurt. I don’t think a Komodo Dragon would roar like that and risk displaying weakness otherwise.

This was easily the highlight of our Komodo Island boat tour.

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If you want to see Komodo Dragons for yourself, this tour includes trips to both Komodo Island and Rinca. These are the only 2 islands where Komodo Dragons can be found. Check it out:

On New Year’s Day in 2018, we were fortunate enough to see 8 Dragons at the watering hole on Komodo Island in Indonesia. The tension was thick as half a dozen rangers stood by holding heavy, Y-shaped sticks to stop any dragon that tried to attack visitors. These were not animals that had grown comfortable with humans being around, ignoring them in some nonchalant manner. No.

They watched us with the eyes of hungry predators. Calculating.

If the rangers hadn’t been there protecting us, we would have been lunch.

The only thing that distracted them from wanting to eat us, was them fighting with each other.


When Komodo Dragons are born, there is no familial care. They young scurry up the nearest tree trying not to be eaten by their own parents. Survival is all they know, or care about. As we watched this group of 8 interact, I wondered if they had allies within the group, or whether each served only its own needs. They seemed to walk around looking for a fight.

The big ones average 6-10′ (2-3m) long at about 150-180lbs. (70+kg) – and as you can see in this video, that’s pure muscle. There’s no getting fat and lazy here. Komodo National Park is not a glorified zoo. It’s a place to go to watch truly wild animals exist in their natural habitat.

Despite the human presence, I think these Dragons are doing exactly what they would be doing whether the humans were there, or not.

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