Modern African Dancers in the Mall in Accra, Ghana, West Africa

Man, these guys can dance.

When I first visited Ghana in 2003, there was no mall in the capital of Accra. However, in 2019, it was a different story. Accra, and Ghana, have grown up a lot. Enough to have these guys dancing outside of an electronics store as an attention-getter.

This modern mall is in definite contrast to the many street-style local markets in Accra. Ghana still has a strong mix of old and new world, and it looks good on them. What’s nice, is that the people are as friendly as ever.

Ghana has an energy to it that is at once relaxed and always looking forward. People are trying to make things happen, but they’re not high strung and uptight like some places, especially the big cities, get. There’s an atmosphere of fun and a distinct enjoyment of the arts, and life, worked into everything they do. It’s an interesting feeling and a great place to visit.

Ghana is a place where music, drums and dance are always just below the surface and can break out at any time. This was certainly a planned performance, but this group is not the exception in Ghana, but closer to the rule. At least for the modern dancers. There are creative mixes of modern and traditional African dance happening all over Ghana. From Accra to Tamale, it’s not hard to find these amazing cultural musical experiences.

You should definitely put Ghana on your bucket list. Go ahead, scribble it in there. Yeah, right at the top.

That’s good. Now start making plans.

Watch this short video for some extremely traditional dance from Ghana.

Also check out this video for a mix of modern and traditional Ghanaian dance.

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