Orangutans Everywhere! Houseboat Tour in Borneo – Kalimantan

Going to Kalimantan in Indonesia to do the Orangutan Houseboat Tour was one of the highlights of our trip to Indonesia. We visited 3 feeding stations in Tanjung Puting National Park where semi-wild, rehabilitated orangutans visit, including the infamous Camp Leakey.

We have a full blog post of our 3D/2N Orangutan Houseboat Tour, including Tim’s close encounter with the Queen orangutan.

This isn’t as wild of an experience as searching for them in the jungles of Sumatra, but I wanted to guarantee that blind man Tim would actually be able to see some orangutans. The treks to the feeding station were challenging for Tim, due to his vision, but would be fine for most people.

Definitely wear good hiking shoes and I’d recommend a hiking stick. It’s not always necessary, but there will be enough times that you’ll be happy that you have it that you won’t regret taking it. We share some great gear advice for this trip – only sharing things we use.

On the 3D/2N houseboat tour we also saw proboscis monkeys, a gibbon, truly wild orangutans, giant 2″ jungle ants, a wild boar and a variety of other wildlife. Of course, how much wildlife you see is very much a matter of luck, but the crew of our boat were experts at finding troupes of monkeys and the like. We did get to see some truly wild orangutans, too.

By the way, the houseboat is an amazing blend of rustic wild and comfy, bordering on luxurious. It is very reasonably priced for what you get. This is one of those trips that’s worth the money, even if it’s more than you’d usually spend. Both the experience and the quality of the tour are top notch.

I tell the previously untold story of the orangutan rehab center and dragon fruit spit in this video.

This is the website for the exact tour we took, you can contact Fardi directly – tell him Team Hazard sent you (we’ve received no compensation for this endorsement, we just had a really good time): https://www.orangutanhouseboattour.com/

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