Da Nang’s Dragon Bridge Fire Show happens every Saturday and Sunday night at 9pm to the delight of tourists, expats and locals alike. I attended this awesome show at least 4 times to get the footage to make this video so there’s plenty of fire, water, colorful lights and more. The Monkey King even makes an appearance, as well as a whole host of other interesting characters.

Getting To the Dragon Bridge Fire Show

Seriously, if you’re in Da Nang, make time to see the Dragon Bridge Fire Show – and get up close, on the bridge itself. It’s well worth it and the crowd is easy to handle. Take a Grab car and make sure they let you off under the bridge, near the stairs.

Once traffic is stopped for the Fire Show, you can step out into the street for awesome pictures, or just to feel the heat of the flames from the fire breathing dragon. Even if you get caught up in traffic, they’re very used to people in the street and motorbikes will work to avoid crashing into you.

Pro Traveler’s Note: If you want to get wet from the water spray, you can go out under it like the kids did in the video, or make it a point to be on the ‘ocean’ side of the Dragon Bridge. (When I say ‘ocean’ side, I mean that if you’re standing in the middle of the road, facing the dragon, it’s the right side that gets wet – almost guaranteed.) If you want to stay dry, plant yourself on the (river, or left) side I took most of the video from.

After the Dragon Bridge Fire Show you can pop down to the Son Tra Night Market for a snack and some shopping. I have a LIVE video of the Night Market here: https://youtu.be/_eTwIP8g-T8
I also have a LIVE video of the Dragon Bridge Fire Show from the first night I attended, and acquired a very cute cohost.

We also have many more posts and videos from Vietnam.

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If you’re coming to Vietnam, you’re going to want to include Da Nang, it’s a great travel stop with plenty to do. Click the ad below for tours that specifically include Da Nang so you can go see the awesome Dragon Bridge Fire Show.


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