I bring home a traditional Vietnamese avocado ice cream dessert to sample, but Tim’s not liking the idea. He doesn’t like avocados, but I’m going to see if he might like them in ice cream form.

IF I can get him to try it.

His reactions are pretty funny. He makes quite a fuss, but you’ll have to watch to see what he does with the avocado ice cream in the end.

Living in Vietnam for the last year-and-a-half has really pushed Tim’s food tolerances, sometimes for the better, sometimes not. Sometimes he just needs to try something on the right day to decide he likes it. That’s why I never give up introducing him to new foods when we travel.

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Video Transcript

>>TIM: Boy, Trina said we were supposed to go LIVE, then she turned the camera on and just left. Said she’d be back with a treat, or a gift, or something. I don’t know. Anyway we’re all, uh,oh…

>>TRINA: Guess what?

>>TIM: What?

>>TRINA: I got us ice cream.

>>TIM: Oh, is that the thing?

>>TRINA: Yes.

>>TIM: Woohoo. What kind?

>>TRINA: Avocado!

>>TIM: unhh [frown]

>>TRINA: Oh, come on.

>>TIM: You’re kidding, right?

>>TRINA: No. It’s avocado. See? It’s green. It’s green. Ice cream good stuff.

>>TIM: How’d we wind up with avocado?

>>TRINA: Because I saw it and I said, it’s a Vietnamese delicacy, or at least a thing they do here, and we have to try it.

>>TIM: [holds his nose] That’s what I say.

>>TRINA: Tim doesn’t like avocado, so I know this is taking a chance.

>>TIM: I don’t like anything green, except for grapes.

>>TRINA: But, since I always do the taste samples, and I like like a whole lot of things, you don’t get to see a differing opinion. So we’ve got Tim here and we’re gonna see if we can get him to like avocado in the form of ice cream, or not.

>>TIM: I hate it.

>>TRINA: You don’t know yet.

>>TIM: It says it has avocado in it. I hate it.

>>TRINA: Well I’m gonna take, see there’s stuff on it, see? Let me show you. There’s mango, and it’s got like a whipped cream on top, and then there’s actual, like, shredded coconut on there. Okay, so that’s what I’m showing you, and then, of course, there’s the green of the avocado cream. I’m gonna dig down to get to the avocado for you.

>>TIM: [frowns] yecch. Really? Aren’t you going to eat it first?

>>TRINA: You want me to try it first?

>>TIM: Oh you try it first, and then, yes. I think they should get a good presentation of its tastiness.

>>TRINA: Mmm. Tastes good. It has some other little blobby thing in it too.

>>TIM: Oh gosh.

>>TRINA: A little juicy blobby thing. He doesn’t like blobby things, like boba, he doesn’t like it. He doesn’t like chewy things in his smooth stuff.

>>TIM: That’s why it’s called a smoothie. Smooooothie. You know, smooooothie.

>>TRINA: Yeah, now you see what I’ve got to put up with.

>>TIM: Yeah, what you gotta put up with. [mocking] “Here, have this. What is it? I don’t know, but taste it.” Yeah, uh-huh.

>>TRINA: You can tell dinnertime selections are real fun around here. No, seriously, as far as how it tastes. I’m getting a little bit of the other stuff in with it, so you’ve got a few things that sweeten up the avocado. The avocado’s got a little more zing to it than you might think of avocado having. I don’t know if it’s the added fruit bits in that and the other ice cream, or if they put a little salt in it, or something, but it’s got a little more zing. So, here.

>>TIM: Teacher, Teacher, I have to go to the bathroom.

>>TRINA: No.

>>TIM: I’ll be back in two hours.

>>TRINA: Yeah, uh-huh. [laughs] Okay, here, you want to take the spoon, or do you want me to feed you?

>>TIM: Oh, you feed me.

>>TRINA: Oh I’m going to feed you, okay.

>>TIM: You have to do this torture thing.

>>TRINA: It’s really hot here, so it’s melting quick. It’s like 90 degrees at 4:30-5:00 in the afternoon.

>>TIM: There are like two lumpy things in here.

>>TRINA: Yeah, but what do you think?

>>TIM: There’s two lumpy things in here.

>>TRINA: Okay, besides the lumpy things, what do you think about the flavor?

>>TIM: I can’t seem to get the lumpy things to stand still so I can eat them.

>>TRINA: Okay, what about the flavor of the stuff around it?>>TIM: It’s all right.

>>TRINA: Okay, here, take another bite.

>>TIM: Wait a minute. I gotta get rid of the lumpy things.

>>TRINA: Chew and swallow, chew and swallow.

>>TIM: I’m about ready to spit it out over there.

>>TRINA: Don’t spit it out. just swallow it.

They’re little things.

>>TIM: Little?

>>TRINA: They’re like boba-sized.

>>TIM: Yeah, little?

>>TRINA: You’re acting like you’re taking a pill.

>> Okay, I took it.

>>TRINA: Uh-huh.

>>TIM: I had to.

>>TRINA: Have another bite. I think I just got ice cream in this one.

What do you think?

>>TIM: It’s okay.

>>TRINA: Should I have gotten you your own?

>>TIM: No. Remember, this is ice cream. I am not supposed to have ice cream. It’s bad for my blood sugar, and it’s bad for my body.

>>TRINA: Uh-huh. A couple bites aren’t going to kill you.

>>TIM: Just like your body. This is bad for you.

>>TRINA: Eh [shrug], I’m a little bit allergic to milk, but I can have a little bit now and then.

>>TIM: I will say it’s allergic.

>>TRINA: I chose the one with the mango. Um, what?

>>TIM: I was telling them that you’re allergic to milk, not lactose intolerant.

>>TRINA: This is not the time for a PSA about the difference between allergy and lactose intolerance.

>>TIM: Sure it is, if it does. I was just telling them that there’s a difference.

>>TRINA: Thank you, dear.

>>TIM: You’re welcome.

>>TRINA: Okay, so as I say, you can get different toppings on it. I chose mango because that’s one of my favorite fruits and he likes it, too. They have durian and they had a few different fruits to choose from. So, honestly, it’s pretty darn good.

>>TIM: They had durian?!? Oh.

>>TRINA: Of all things the thing that everyone says is stinky, Mr. Picky here actually likes durian, and I do too. I have to say I like it, but he likes durian.

>>TIM: Yeah, it’s not, it’s not bad. I like durian.

>>TRINA: You like durian, but you don’t like avocado.

[Tim makes icky face.]

Okay, well that is our avocado ice cream test. I like it, he can tolerate it, which is actually saying quite a bit.

>>TIM: Yes, I dare say I can tolerate it. Poo-poo. [mock British accent]

>>TRINA: So we’ll keep this one short. I’m gonna ask you a favor. If you haven’t subscribed to us on YouTube, please do, we would really appreciate that. And whether it’s this post because I’ve got him with me being silly, or one of our other videos, I’d really appreciate it if you could actually SHARE it for us. I’d just like to, we’re really aiming for some growth on YouTube and we could really use a little help. So if you could share one of your favorite videos for us, we’d really appreciate that.

>>TIM: Oh just tell them to send you money.

>>TRINA: Oh, we’re not asking them to send money.

>>TIM: Why not? We could use it.

>>TRINA: Well.

>>TIM: You know, send a couple of bob.

>>TRINA: Anyways, thank you for joining us, we appreciate you being here. Oh, you’re getting in the shadow pretty good. Gonna lift your hat so they can see you.

>>TIM: Wait a minute, are you trying to say something?

>>TRINA: No, the sun’s actually going down and putting you in shadow.

>>TIM: Don’t you know that’s where I live?

>>TRINA: Uh-huh.

>>TIM: Don’t you know that’s what they call me? The Shadow knows.

>>TRINA: Okay, so thank you for joining us, we are glad you stopped in to have some avocado ice cream with us. If you’re here in Vietnam, or if you have a chance to try it in the States, because it might be in and around there, give it a try, it’s really tasty. And, you have anything else you want to say? Mr. Smart Butt?

>>TIM: No, that’s all right.

>>TRINA: Okay, then we will see you next time.

>>TIM: Bye.

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