Komodo Dragon Tail Whip SMACKdown – Fight! Make That Dragon Howl

Komodo Dragons are quick to get into fights – this is strictly the punchline of the battle. The tail is one of a Komodo Dragon’s most powerful weapons and this guy gets one heck of a tail smack straight to his jaw. You can hear the smack, and the Komodo Dragon’s howl, loud and clear – so make sure you have the sound on.

Our trip to Indonesia had lots of highlights and see these Komodo Dragons was one of the coolest. There’s nothing safe or zoo-like about this. Sure, there are rangers there to protect you, but those dragons would not hesitate to eat you for lunch.

You can watch videos all day, which is great, but until you’re within striking range of a Komodo Dragon, it’s hard to understand just how menacing they are. This is one of those experiences that you really want to try to do for real if you can.

A lot of people don’t explore Indonesia past going to Bali, and we’re telling you that there’s so much more to see. The trip to Komodo Island, and Rinca (the other island where Komodo Dragons live, is so much worth your time, as is a tour of Flores. It truly is a paradise, but there’s more to it than that. Indonesia has surprises around every corner. It is a delight to explore.

We have longer versions of this Komodo Dragon fight, if you want to see more of their behavior, and how it feels to be right there. When they start to move too close and the ranger says, “Back-up, back-up, back-up…”

Here’s the full-length Komodo Dragon Fight and the medium-length Komodo Dragon Fight. Each is a little different.

Our Indonesia Page has lots of posts and videos for you to peruse.

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