Komodo Dragons Fighting – Wicked Tail Attack Dragon Howls

These large Komodo Dragons fighting is a dance of aggression that culminates in a wicked tail smack that could be heard on the mainland. We never knew a Komodo Dragon would howl like that. That had to hurt.

By the way, there’s a small tail attack before the big one. Don’t be fooled – watch to the end.

This happened on Komodo Island in Indonesia on New Year’s Day 2018 and was a great way to start our year. The full boat tour was less than fantastic, but seeing this fight between the Komodo Dragons at the watering hole (with no water) was amazing, and awesome, and made the whole day worth it. What a fight!

We do have a longer video of this fight, raw and uncut, that shows a few minutes after the wicked smack, if you want to see the whole thing.

I remixed this shorter version to add some drama and so you could get a better look at the tail attack. It’s still raw and real, just better edited.

And here’s the super-short remix of this Komodo Dragon Fight.

There’s something amazing about seeing Komodo Dragons IRL. They’re not domesticated or ‘friendly’. They’d eat tourists for lunch if the rangers weren’t there protecting us. Seeing Komodo Dragons up close is definitely worth the trip.

Video Transcript

>>TRINA: Back up. Back up. Back up.

>>TRINA: Oh, got a battle.

>>TIM: Uh oh.

>>TRINA: I got the movie going, too.

>>PARK RANGER: Move back, back, back, back.

[Komodo Dragon hisses]

>>TIM: Oh, I heard that.

>>PARK RANGER: They’re going to fight now.

>>TIM: Yeah, that’s my bark.

>>TRINA: Can you see them kind of moving over there?

 >>TIM (who’s partially blind): No they’re out of my view right now. (Tim – who’s partially blind)

>>TRINA: Okay. Good that I’ve got video going.

>>TIM: Yeah, This will be totally cool on our website.

[loud smack]

>>TIM: Ooh, did he smack the other guy?

>>TRINA: Yeah, with his tail.

>>TIM: Yeah, wow.

>>PARK RANGER: So [inaudible] tail [inaudible] because it’s really strong.

 [Super loud tail smack.] [Komodo Dragon howls in response]

>>TIM: Oh, that’s a knockdown dragon out fight, I’ll tell ya’.

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