Dear Senegal Travel Diary,
Plans for our Travelversary ran headlong into a country-wide transportation strike here in Senegal.

Still, we celebrate our – belated due to technical difficulties – 4th Travelversary from the rooftop of our Air BnB.

It’s been a rough week. No water, then water, but no hot water, 48-hour transportation strike that is now going on indefinitely. Not sure where we’re headed next, or when we’ll be able to get there.

I mean, we’ve been traveling for 4 years. We’re not going to let a little transportation disruption get us down, are we? Are we?

(Note: I apologize if the image gets pixellated. Sometimes the reception around here is pretty bad.)

Oh, and a foggy day? Well, maybe it wouldn’t have been such a good idea taking a boat out to an island. I show you the African Renaissance Monument anyway, and Phare des Mamelles – the White Lighthouse of Dakar – from our awesome rooftop locale.

When you look at it, maybe a big to-do for our 4th Travelversary wasn’t meant to be. Sometimes that’s the way it goes. With travel in general, and especially travel in Africa, you have to learn to roll with the punches.

If you want to see the contrast between this street when it’s busy, and what it looks like during the strike, watch both videos below.

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