Ouakam (wah-com) is an awesomely interesting neighborhood in Dakar, Senegal. There are a bunch of sights within a short distance but the area is very local with not a lot of tourists or expats.

These Africa travel diaries are a way for us to show you what it’s really like here. Unedited, unfiltered and sharing the interesting in-between bits when we come across them.

Today you’ll see a guy carrying a very loud goat, the crazy street I have to walk down, Senegalese construction methods, fancy painted local minivans (car rapides), horse carts, traffic to-do’s, a pouring of Touba coffee and more.

It’s a bit dusty and I desperately need a shower, but travel in Africa is sometimes like that. It’s not always polished and shiny, but it is interesting and there’s tons to discover. That’s what makes it fun.

In future Live broadcasts, we hope to come to you from some of the cool sights, when we can. We’ll still be putting out polished videos of special places, but if you want to see the ins and outs and ups and downs of travel in West Africa, subscribe AND click the notification bell so you can catch these live broadcasts (or the recording) – even if they go out at 2am where you are.

See you next time!

Team Hazard

Old, fat and disabled and traveling the world anyway. Join Trina and Tim as they wander around the planet bringing you honest stories about the people and places they encounter.

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