Safari In Senegal – Live from Reserve de Bandia – Senegal Travel Diary #3

Tim and I went on jeep safari in Senegal at Reserve de Bandia. We saw giraffes, zebras, a rhino, great eland, monkeys, impala, warthogs, buffalo, hyenas and crocodiles.

The coolest part is that we were able to get close enough for Tim to see most of the animals.

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Senegal Travel Diary #3 live gives a quick preview of our adventure and a really good look at some of Reserve de Bandia’s crocodiles.

Reserve de Bandia is a private reserve in the Thies region, near Saly/Mbour in the Petite Cote, South of Dakar.

Video Transcript

  • We tried to-
  • We’re saved.
  • (laughs) We tried this earlier

and we were out on the Reserve de Bandia,

kind of in Saly, M’bour region of Senegal.

  • We were being chased by
    rhinos, and giraffes, and-
  • Zebra.
  • And zebra.
  • (laughs) Bye!
  • Bye guys, thank you.
  • Thank you, you too. (laughs)

But, we didn’t have
enough signal to do it.

So this is the end of the thing,

but it looks like we have the signal.

So we’re doing this safari in Senegal.

  • Yeah.
  • And this is very cool.

It’s a private reserve.

And the cool part is, well
the animals are all wild

and doing their own thing.

A few of them are slightly captive.

Some of the crocodiles hang out

right close to where they
have the restaurant and all.

So this is a little preview.

Tim, get ready to turn
on the charm in a sec,

I’m gonna come back.

Oh, there’s one swimming.

(Tim laughing)

Yeah, we got to see the crocodiles.

They’re back here at the reserve,

as I say, sort of near the restaurant.

And Tim wasn’t lying when
he said that we saw a zebra,

we saw a rhino, we saw giraffe.

  • Yeah. And we were chasing them all.
  • Greater eland,

which are the biggest
antelope in the world.

And then, the slightly
lesser eland, the Cape eland.

And we got pictures of all of them.

We’re gonna be…

Stupid fly is bugging me. (laughs)

  • Yeah.
  • And we are going to be doing a big video

on this whole adventure.

It was absolutely fantastic.

  • Yeah, it was.

You should come.

  • That’s it?

That’s all you’re gonna
say is, “You should come”?

  • That’s quite right, that’s all I got.

(Trina laughing)

I’m still worn out from
chasing the animals.

  • (laughs) And the thing is
    we were in a very open Jeep

and it was a really nice ride.

Honestly, a smoother ride than we had

when we went to Mole in Ghana.

  • Yeah.

And I didn’t get stung in the eyeball.

  • Yeah, he didn’t get stung by anything,

and he could actually see things.

We actually got close
enough to the animals

that Tim could see them.

  • Yeah.
  • That was the amazing part.
  • I was going to touch
    them, but they drove away.
  • (laughs) So, look out for
    that big video coming up.

It’ll take me a little
while to get it edited.

And I think that’s about it.

  • Yup, that’s about it.
  • We just wanted to give
    you a little preview.

Let me see if I can get
you a really close shot

on this crocodile right here.

See, he’s right there.

And it’s a big lake they’ve got here.

Oh, there we go.

There’s a nice shot for you.

  • [Tim] Yeah.

Makes you think of Cajun food, doesn’t it?

  • Tim’s back here
    talking about Cajun food,

if you didn’t hear him.

  • [Tim] Yeah.
  • And…
  • She’s trying to pitch
    our new Cajun restaurant.
  • (laughs) So we’re gonna say hey.
  • Hey.
  • And sorry we couldn’t take
    you directly on the safari,

but that video will be coming out soon.

And we just wanted to keep you up to date

on what we’re doing.

  • It was too bumpy anyway.
  • Yeah, it was pretty bumpy.

And we did see a lot of animal butt.

  • Yeah.
  • And I didn’t get it on camera,

but I saw the biggest pile of
animal poop I’ve ever seen.

(Tim laughing)

I don’t know if it came out
of a giraffe, or the rhino,

or what it came out of, but it was like-

  • Or a T-Rex.
  • It was bigger than his head,

that tells you how big it was. (laughing)

  • Yeah.
  • Okay-
  • It wasn’t an elephant
    ’cause they don’t have any.

They just have a fake elephant.

  • Yeah, they don’t have
    any elephants here, so.

But yeah, watch out for that video

’cause we’ve got some really good images

’cause we got so close
to ’em, it was amazing.

  • Mm-hmm, yup.
  • Okay, we are gonna see you next time.

We’ll check in at the next exciting post.

  • Yes.
  • Yes. (laughs)

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