Dancers and Drummers from the Ecole de Sable (Sand School) run by award-winning Senegalese dancer Germaine Acogny. This was a live broadcast from the Festival Rythmes et Formes du Monde at Sobo Bade in Toubab Dialaw, Senegal.

Germaine Acogny is a Senegalese dancer and choreographer, who was awarded with the prestigious Prix Ben Arab at the Ecole de sable. She was also awarded the “Grand Prix de la Ville de Dakar” and has been invited to be part of this year’s Festival Rythmes et Formes du Monde.

Acogny is one of the most famous Senegalese dancers ever. She is also an actor, choreographer, teacher and director of the company Ecole de Sable. Germaine Acogny’s Ecole de Sable is an institution that trains African dancers in classical dance techniques, which they then perform at cultural festivals around the world.

The instructor at the show told me this was Yama les Encanto de Walou Dekedo. With some translation difficulties, I’ll admit, I don’t know if that the name of a single piece, or the entire performance.

We got to see them rehearsing, as well as the final performance that you’re seeing part of here, and these dancers are incredible.

More videos to come.

When you come to Senegal, make sure you find some live music and dance performances. They are awesome and always worth your time.

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