Horrible Shirt Reveal and Other Mishaps – Senegal Travel Diary #16

Our disbelief is palpable when we see what the tailor did with the fabric I gave him. Other things go wrong, too. And this whole video becomes a comedy reel.

When everything, including my custom made shirt, goes off the rails wrong.

Let us know what made you laugh the hardest.

Video Transcript

  • I bought this shirt back in Dakar.

I didn’t buy it as a
shirt, I bought the fabric.

And if you looked at our Instagram

you might have seen me that day

and I showed all the fabrics
I had to choose from.

I told them I wanted a Senegalese fabric

not just any old West African fabric

’cause I’ve already got
these shirts from Ghana

even though I’m not so sure
they’re Ghana patterns now,

that I’ve learned what I’ve learned

but they call these fabrics waxes

and I’ll show you why in a moment,

but we got it right.

I got it, the fabric,

then I went to the
tailor, the tailor made it

and then by the time I got it back,

we were on our way out of Dakar

and then the next couple
of places we stayed,

it was really dark.

And so I wanted to show you
what the shirt looked like

but the places we were saying
had no lighting whatsoever

and it was really hard.

So it’s been sitting in
the suitcase since then.

So I’m gonna take it out.

I have not looked at it and
we’re gonna see how this goes

because I haven’t checked it out yet

but this is the shirt I had made in Dakar.

Now it looks pretty big even for me.

So, and oh my gosh, those sleeves,

I like short sleeves,

and those sleeves look
really, really long.

  • [Tim] Baseball jerseys.
  • Yeah, baseball Jersey.

I’m really not sure about this.

The one good thing is,

next week we’re gonna be back
in Dakar for a little while,

short time, very short time.

But I know where the tailor
is and I can find him again.

And if I need any adjustments made,

hopefully he can make them.

Oh, okay.

I don’t know what that is.

Oh my gosh.

Well it looks like, okay,
this is stitched down.

They stitched the edge of the
collar underneath to itself.

Almost like they were simply
trying to hide the fact

that it wasn’t stitched right.

  • [Tim] Oh.
  • I don’t close my collar
    anyway, so it doesn’t matter,

but we’ll see how it looks.

Now I’m getting dubious, now
I’m getting a little dubious.

No, I am not gonna strip in front of you.

I am unbuttoning it to
see how the buttons work.

So far, so good.

‘Cause one of the things
is I went to pick it up

when they said to pick
it up and they’re like,

oh we haven’t done the buttons yet.

And then I had to rush back
and get it and all that.

Okay, so it’s unbuttoned.

And give me a minute to go change.

That’s our little bathroom
there in this particular place.

And Tim is gonna entertain you.

  • Sure.
  • Okay, Tim is gonna entertain you.
  • Hi.
  • Okay, hang on.

I gotta adjust the tripod
so they can see you.

  • Oh yeah.
  • And I’m gonna give you the mic.

I’m gonna give you the mic.

  • Give me that mic.
  • Okay, so Tim’s gonna entertain you

for a minute or two while
I change into this shirt

and we see if it’s a great shirt

and just doesn’t look like it,

or if I made a big mistake.

  • Yes.
  • So, I’ll be right back.
  • And while she,
  • Keep entertaining.
  • Yes, I love that.

I’ll be entertaining.

Well, okay.

For entertainment, let’s dance.

(Tim beatboxing)

Forgive me.

I have really poor balance.

(Tim laughing)

but that’s okay ’cause I can dance.

Yeah, me and (indistinct), we got it.

(Tim beatboxing)

But maybe,

(Tim beatboxing)


Not balanced enough to
do it without the cane.

  • Okay, I’m ready.
  • But I’m really digging this dancing.
  • They gonna wanna see
    the (indistinct) ’cause
  • What?
  • It’s bad.
  • Oh really?
  • It’s really bad.
  • Really?
  • Yes.
  • OH gosh, okay, I’ll have to distinguish.
  • You stay on camera.
  • Okay.
  • Stay on camera with me.
  • Okay.
  • They did a crap job all around.
  • This is a garbage job,

I don’t know if it’s even salvageable.

Okay, well, the sleeves
are like down to there,

which is ridiculous.

They’re down to my mid forearm.

  • Well see, baseball, baseball jersey.
  • Yeah, no.

The only reason I buy these
shirts is ’cause they’re cool.

And if they cover half
my arm, they cover more,

they’re gonna be hot.

And then let’s see,

I really don’t know what’s
going on with this collar.

It is stiff, and I know
it’s gonna be stiff

because they do call them waxes

’cause of the way they’re made.

But then it, I had ’em,

okay, one of the features
I have of (indistinct)

is this cut on the side
’cause I got big hips

and if you’d make a shirt long enough,

you need to allow for that.

But this just feels, I mean, I don’t know.

It feels like it’s not even
a good pregnancy shirt.

It’s like, then it’s too
short and it just looks off.

I mean, this is awful.

  • Maybe it’s something in the
    gunnysack, you a division.
  • I mean, it’s not even a good,

I mean it might make a smock.

Oh yeah, I should probably take the mic.

  • Yeah.
  • But I’m usually loud enough
    to, but no, this is bad.
  • Yeah, that’s pretty,

(camera falls)

  • Oh crap.
  • [Tim] Does it work?
  • Oh, yeah, hang on, the camera flip.

Okay, sorry about that.

That shows you,

  • That’s how bad it was.

Even the camera said, ah.

  • Live YouTube at it’s best,

we knocked, I knocked over the camera.

It got knotted up or
something with the mike.

  • Yeah (indistinct).
  • Okay, sorry about that.

As I said, YouTube Live
at its best because,

  • It’s Live.
  • It’s Live.

And we knocked over, I
knocked over the camera

when I took the mic and sorry about that.

But yeah, this shirt is,

  • Awful.
  • Bad.

I don’t know if it can be salvaged.

It’s really just bad.

  • We have to go back to that guy

and convince him with the stick.

  • No, but I mean, I don’t know what it is.

Kind of like that haircut I got.

I don’t know what he was thinking.

  • Yeah.
  • You know the, it’s just,
    it’s not sized right.

He took measurements on me too.

So this is hard to believe.

  • He might have an excuse for the haircut.
  • An excuse for the haircut,

’cause he had never touched
a white person’s hair.

  • Yeah.

This, no.

  • No.

He should have known how to make a shirt.


This was a bad mistake.

Fortunately it doesn’t cost a fortune.

The fabric’s not super expensive.

His services weren’t super expensive.

So that’s the way that goes.

  • Yeah.
  • So I don’t have an awesome new shirt.
  • No.
  • I don’t know if I’m
    gonna try and salvage it

or if I’ll just get
another thing of fabric

and go to a better tailor next time.

  • Well see, you can call
    it, it’s not an awful shirt.

I mean it’s not an awesome shirt.

It’s an awful shirt.

It’s not, darn I lost it.

It was a really good one.

It was, it had me laughing.

  • You had a joke all set up.
  • Yeah, and I lost it.
  • And it flew out the window.
  • Yeah, just flew right out.
  • Okay.
  • Sorry.
  • Okay, so when you travel,
    sometimes things go wrong.
  • Oh yeah, that’s right.

It’s a awful shirt or better yet,

It’s an awful piece of, no nevermind.

(Trina laughing)

  • Okay, so yeah,
    sometimes things go wrong.

If you buy something custom made,

try it on before you leave
town, if you possibly can.

And I’m gonna say, if you’re
enjoying Tim’s dancing,

let us know in the comments,
that would be really awesome.

‘Cause we wanna know if
you wanna see more of it

and subscribe.

  • Both my legs are getting stronger.
  • You’ll be doing, you’ll
    be putting on the moves.

You’ll be putting on the moves.

  • Oh yeah.
  • But yeah, subscribe.

Most of our other videos
are somewhat more successful

than this and we’ll see you next time.

  • Bye.

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